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I'm Aya, a 17 year old health enthusiast who's on the road to recovery through a healthy lifestyle. 


I have 38 days to make it to my goal weight of 120 pounds (7 pounds away!) so I will be adding this to my workout starting today. I need some more toning up for sure. I will also be back on my 30 day shred plan. I CAN and I WILL do this. I have a tattoo at stake here; I get to 120 by Christmas or I don’t get my petit prince tattoo!!

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Hey guys! :)

So I figured I make a post showing a super basic layout of what I do on each day!
 This is a basic layout for my leg day!
I always warm up with stretching and either a sprint or a cycle.
After, for the bulk of my workout I’ll do a combination of the following workouts (not all of them, just whichever I decide to do for that specific day!) And I’ll do most of them with weights (so maybe dumbells, or a barbell, kettleball, etc) And I’ll do different sets & reps (usually my last set is to failure!)
So this is just a super simple outline of Leg Day! I basically just pick which exercises I want to do out of the list and make fun circuits incorporating planks, wall sits, ab exercises and so on on top of the leg/glute workouts! 
It keeps it fun and exciting! I love mixing up my workouts! :)

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Tone It Up Bikini Body Workout with Self Magazine!
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Upper Body Weight Training


ooh gonna do thiss

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I’ve been a little inactive on here so far this week, due to studying for my exam on Saturday. I did however have time to start this 30-day challenge that I put together for myself. It’s a running challenge. I based it loosely on one I found for beginners and ramped it up a bit because I used to be able to run for 30 straight minutes and I know I am currently capable of running 20 straight minutes (albeit uncomfortably). So I designed it to start at 16 minutes, gradually increase to 28 minutes, and then try to beat my personal best of 5km in 28.5 minutes. 

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