To feel healthy again

I'm Aya, a 17 year old health enthusiast who's on the road to recovery through a healthy lifestyle. 



me every summer

me every summer for the rest of my life

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Biggest reminder that struck me today: Always strive to be kind, always strive to be true to yourself, and always hang on to the love and belief within you.
This lesson has always carried me through the darkest moments in life, in times of pain, and it taught me to be a stronger and more loving person. I am still learning to be vulnerable, learning to open myself up to people, learning to show joy and pain rather than indifference. I am learning to be human again.
And the warrior pose is always my go-to pose in times of uncertainty and self-doubt, because the warrior embodies strength and resilience, something that I often need. Yet the warrior series is always so intricate, just like life itself. We can never master being strong and weak at the same time. We can only keep learning, keep honing our craft, and hopefully become better people.